The show is an encounter between two worlds and two visions.
On stage together, Mimmo Cuticchio (winner of the lifetime achievement award at UBU Prize 2019) and Virgilio Sieni invent forms of interaction between body and puppet, between listening and tactility. The bodies of the dancer and the marionette are made to dialogue in an encounter of fundamental elements of everyday being: walking, sitting, falling, turning, touching.
The relationship between Dance and Marionette Works is a new element and a primary model that exploring the transfiguration of man and the nature of the gesture. Body and marionette, transmission and tactility, jointed body and gravity are the elements of this journey through the gesture – a representation of how humanity emerges from the various fragilities of the body and the puppet in interaction.
The two artists have been studying the anatomy of the marionette and the possibilities for the dancer’s body to appropriate techniques and artistic actions superficially considered “non-human.”
With the art of the marionette, the natural laws of the world come into crystal-clear view in the zone between suspension/horizontality and gravity/verticality, continuously reminding us of the “resonance” that is the source of our movements and posture as inhabitants of our planet.
The stories told here seek to reveal, in the meanders of the encounter between the two men, the game of transmission that “breaks down” their mastery.

Compagnia Virgilio Sieni, biography

Compagnia Virgilio Sieni

Founded in 1992, the Compagnia Virgilio Sieni constructs, through a progression of thematic cycles, a choreographic language characterized by the comprehensive exploration of the body and its movements. It is a language in continuous evolution, both in terms of composition and relations with audiences and the public, alternating stage performances and other, new formats for itinerant spectators in unconventional places, from woods to museums. The exploration of Greek tragedy, peregrinations in the landscapes of fairy tales and the probing of Lucretian philosophical notions with the dramaturgical participation of Giorgio Agamben are just a few of the stops along an itinerary that traverses anthropological and mythological realms, in continuous discourse with the present, in pursuit of a lost humanism.