Per uno spettatore critico
Journalism Workshop
by Altre Velocità

During VIE Festival 2020 Altre Velocità coordinates a journalism workshop to encourage the meeting between performing arts languages and the audience, by inviting everyone to recognize and cultivate their critical sensibility towards theater. The participants – ideally university students and youngsters – are invited to take part to a collective work similar to the one of a daily newsroom. The articles will be published on a daily basis on the local newspaper La Gazzetta di Modena (and also available on the website of the festival and on
The collective experience of theatre-going and the dialogue between the participants become instruments of improvement and development of critical thinking. By exploring many formats of journalistic writing, such as interviews, presentations and reviews, the personal observation will be turned into an experience of “sharing”, an opportunity for aggregation and comparison of the individual within a community. During the workshop, educational opportunities are offered such as meetings with practitioners and experts in journalism, theatrical theory and entertainment.
Altre Velocità is a group of theater and dance critics who is active in the fields of journalism and education, exploring the relationships between arts and contemporary society and the developing of critical thinking through theatre-going.