From February 23th, the whole programme of VIE Festival 2020 was cancelled in compliance with an ordinance issued to counteract the spread of Coronavirus.

EASTAP Conference 2020

In close relation to VIE Festival 2020, the EASTAP conference will examine creating for the stage from past to present and across practice and theory. >> read more

The new creation by Pascal Rambert

Architecture is a brutal family story, played by a cast of extraordinary actors, and set in the thirty dark years between the two World Wars. >> read more

A one voice dialogue

The new show by Daria Deflorian and Antonio Tagliarini on the French literary case Who killed my father by Édouard Louis. >> read more

A competition of philosophical songs

Massimo Furlan and Claire de Ribaupierre present a semi-serious version of the singing television format Eurovision, to raise questions related to the identity.>> leggi di più

A performance about the error

Luca Carboni and Gabriel Da Costa mix together theatre, art video and new technologies in a performance that investigates the concept of error. >> leggi di più

From Chile, a socio-political reflection

Guillermo Calderón, internationally acclaimed Chilean playwright and director, returns to VIE with his new work Dragón. >> read more