written and directed by Guillermo Calderón
with Luis Cerda, Camila González and Daniela Benítez
assistant director Ximena Sánchez
integral design Rocío Hernández
costumes and design assistance Daniela Vargas
videos Alex Waghorn, La Copia Feliz and Ximena Sánchez
Italian translation Sofia Marzoni, María Isabel Fernández García, Ivonne Lucilla Simonetta Grimaldi

produced by María Paz González
co-production Teatro a Mil Foundation, Teatro UC and Theater der Welt

thanks to Centro di Studi Trasversali su Teatro e Interculturalità (TraTeÀ) (Dipartimento DIT – Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna – Campus di Forlì)

length 1h 30′
Italian première
in Spanish with English and Italian surtitles

Guillermo Calderón, the most acclaimed Chilean playwright, screenwriter and director at the international level, already a guest at VIE 2008 with his first work Neva, returns this year in a crucial moment of the social and political life of his country. In Dragón, his latest work, the position of art in political battles is challenged, with humour and depth. The result is an extremely interesting show, whose attention to the research process makes it an example of political theatre.
The Dragón group meets up once in a while at a restaurant on the Plaza Italia (Santiago downtown) to decide upon and plan their next artistic installation. This time though, they’ve chosen such a complex topic that they’re embroiled in something terrible that’s in the process of destroying them. The only way out is to create a new play, to build up trust again. It’s too late for them though. The only way out is creation based on betrayal.

«The vital hesitation gesture of the most acclaimed Chilean director and playwriter, gives a perspective not only to his role as an artist committed to his time, but also play to dismantle certainties installed in the ‘political theatre’ to rethink its purposes and usefulness.»

Jorge Letelier, Culturizarte_The Clinic

«This time, he concentrates on more intimate experiences deceptions and failures in the search for those socio-political objectives questioning the value he attributes to theatrical art as a transforming political instrument.»

BioBio Chile

«Dragón is a transition play between what was his recognizable style and an evolution of his work.»

El Mostrador

Guillermo Calderón, biography

Guillermo Calderón

Playwright and director, Calderón wrote and directed Neva, Diciembre, Clase, Villa, Discurso, Escuela, Kuss, Beben, Goldrausch and B. He has been invited to debut Beben, and Kuss in Düsseldorf, as well as staging English versions of Neva, Villa and Discurso, at venues such as The New York Public Theater, The Center Stage, in Los Angeles, and the Edinburgh International Festival. His productions have shown in more than 25 countries. In 2017 the Royal Court Theater, in London, produced his piece B.
He co-wrote for the screen Violeta se fue a los Cielos, directed by Andrés Wood, El Club and Neruda, both by Pablo Larraín.