a project by Kepler-452

21th, 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th February at 6.30 – 7 pm 
on air Radio Città del Capo (96.3 Mhz)

direction Enrico Baraldi
dramaturgy Nicola Borghesi, Enrico Baraldi
live from the studio of Radio Città del Capo Nicola Borghesi, Enrico Baraldi and a group of young observers of the everyday 
inside of Plancton – Daily cultural study by Massimiliano Colletti

Così sarà! La città che vogliamo is promoted by Comune di Bologna, realized by Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione, financed by dall’Unione Europea – Fondo Sociale Europeo, in the frame of Programma Operativo Nazionale Città Metropolitane 2014-2020.


in collaboration with

Can theatre fill the hiatus between an actual event and its translation into a work of art?
Bologna-based theatre company Kepler-452 presents Daily Kepler, a radio performance streaming live on the local broadcast Radio Città del Capo: the company comments and discusses over the daily news with a group of young observers and thinkers. Acutal and imaginary data are the starting point for a theatrical adaptation of the present time. The news becomes the ground base for a debate, every night hosting actual and imaginary interviews with commentators and members of the audience, and phonecalls from home listeners, to foster the participation of the youngsters in a debate that often concerns them, without actively involving them.

Kepler-452 is an Italian theatre ensemble founded by Nicola Borghesi, Enrico Baraldi and Paola Aiello in 2015. Two are the main goals of this very young company: addressing those who do not normally go to theatre; investigating the biographies of the common people. In 2014 the collective created the Festival 20 30, a very popular kermesse of young theatre groups programmed by a group of youngsters. The main goal of the group – who was awarded with the Rete Critica prize in 2018, is the creation of unconventional formats and sitespecific projects along the lines of participatory theatre, associated with some of the most important institutions on a local and national scale. The late projects, The Cherry Orchard and F. Losing Things, were produced by ERT.

Daily Kepler is presented in the frame of It Shall Be So! The City We Want, a participatory theatre project committed in audience development and active citizenship and addressed to young audiences (aged 11 to 25). Associated with municipal institutions in the field of local services, community centres and collective projects, young audience is involved in a programme of creative and training activities, with the aim to imagine an “ideal city”. The initiatives are coordinated by ERT in team
with 5 other partners: Altre Velocità, Cassero LGBTI Center, Kepler-452, La Baracca – Testoni Ragazzi e Teatro dell’Argine. It Shall Be So! The City We Want is funded by the Municipality of Bologna through the National Operational Program for Metropolitan Areas (PON METRO 14-20). The project will be presented February 27th, at 14.45h at the Arena del Sole, Sala Archi, in the context of III EASTAP Conference.