L’interessante vita di qualcuno

Someone’s interesting life

 theatrical reading by Gabriel Calderón with the students of the course Perfezionamento: Dramaturg internazionale*

*theatrical reading connected to the course Perfezionamento: Dramaturg internazionale, co-financed by European Social Fund, Emilia-Romagna Region

Gabriel Calderón was a guest of the last edition of VIE Festival – when he also held a masterclass for playwrights – with his show (…)

il 22/02/2020, ore 17:00
il 23/02/2020, ore 17:00   
Il Faro, Spilamberto (MO)


text, conception, installation Pascal Rambert
with Emmanuelle Béart, Audrey Bonnet, Anne Brochet, Marie-Sophie Ferdane, Arthur Nauzyciel, Stanislas Nordey, Pascal Rénéric Laurent Poitrenaux, Jacques Weber
and Césarée Genet Bonnet in alternanza con Rose Poitrenaux

I wrote Architecture for Audrey Bonnet, Emmanuelle Béart, Anne Brochet, Marie-Sophie Ferdane but also for Jacques Weber, Stanislas Nordey, Laurent Poitrenaux, Arthur Nauzyciel, Denis Podalydès (…)

il 22/02/2020, ore 19:30
il 23/02/2020, ore 16:00   
Arena del Sole, Bologna