European Association for the Study of Theatre and Performance

Bologna,  February 27th  – March 1st, 2020
Teatro Arena del Sole, Emilia Romagna Teatro Foundation
DamsLab, Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna

with the patronage of 

Creating for the Stage and other Spaces: Questioning Practices and Theories
Curated by Claudio Longhi and Daniele Vianello

As a logical follow-up to the Paris and Lisbon editions which focused on decentralisation and shared memory(ies) of the European contemporary stage, the III EASTAP Conference (European Association for the Study of Theatre and Performance), in close relation to the VIE Festival 2020, will examine creating for the stage from past to present and across practice and theory.
This third EASTAP meeting aims to investigate the set of issues related to this context and presents as a peculiarity the dialogue on the creative process with artists. In particular, the Conference structure includes keynoters’ speeches (Lola Arias, Tue Biering, Marco Martinelli and others), round tables, numerous sessions of thematic panels, which will involve experts, artists, journalists, researchers and theatre professionals to discuss the theme of creating for the stage (for canonical spaces and not). Furthermore during the III EASTAP Conference, and also in the days immediately preceding it, some of the most important Italian and international theatre artists will hold a series of workshops that will allow participants to get in touch directly with the stage practice.
The Associated Artists of the Conference are FC Bergman Company.

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