grand opening with Donald Sassoon and Fernando Savater
speech Michela Marzano
by Lino Guanciale

free entrance

The 15th edition of VIE Festival is part of a season, “Bye Bye ‘900?”, that focused on the relationship with the twentieth century and on an investigation into its legacy, among ideologies, myths and utopias. VIE 2020, therefore, intends to focus its analysis on the relationship with Europe and on the relationship between this organism and the values of democracy.
The clearest objectives of the third millennium appear to be the climate, the demographic change, the environment of digital communications and the consequent upheavals on the economic and employment situation. Each of these phenomena takes and changes shape on the background of a political order which, above all other instances, is attempting to preserve the democratic one.
Before leaving the field to the contemporary scene, among theatre, dance, performance art and music, the festival wants to welcome the audience and the artists by offering an event in which to listen to the voices of two figures belonging to the world of thought and of ideas, which precisely to that Europe and its relationship with democracy are helping to give shape.
Two internationally renowned intellectuals – Donald Sassoon (Great Britain) and Fernando Savater (Spain) – share with the audience a thought on these issues, linking to the speech by Michela Marzano, and the readings curated and played by the actor Lino Guanciale, readings that aim to enrich the speeches with a more literary suggestion, with an emotional texture capable of highlighting themes and intuitions through the reading aloud.