by Davide Carnevali
with Michele Dell’Utri and Simone Francia/Diana Manea and Jacopo Trebbi
video realization Olga Sargenti
seamstress and props maker Virginia Mancini

production Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione

reservation required

lenght 1 hour and 15 minutes

What is the purpose of theatre and how can it help social development? This question raises even more urgently when it comes to School as the privileged environment where future society is supposed to develop its roots. Through Classroomplays, theatre becomes and education tool serving students through a multidisciplinary approach allowing them to explore different fields such as philosophy, history, literature and arts.
The three-year-based project focuses on the relation existing between a given vision of the world and the cultural forms into which this vision translates. The first year, Aristotele invita Velázquez a colazione e gli prepara uova e (Francis) Bacon will investigate the concepts of “presentation” and “representation” as well as formalisation and the primacy of “verisimilitude” on “truth”, starting from Greek culture and Aristotelian Poetics until modern times. In the next years, we will analyse the concepts of “orderly space”, from Descartes, to Eco and Deleuze and the “chronological time” with Hegel, Einstein and Walter Benjamin.
We will do it the way Brecht learnt us: through small-size 15-miunute-productions featuring two actors, a few objects and a multimedia support via videos and smartphones; we will exploit irony and comedy to approach very serious subjects. Students will be directly involved thus becoming an active and conscious audience helping social development in their days.