from “Private Confessions”, by Ingmar Bergman
a project by Olivia Corsini and Serge Nicolaï
direction Serge Nicolaï
artistic collaboration Gaia Saitta
with Olivia Corsini, Gérard Hardy, Andrea Romano, Stephen Szekely and Serge Nicolaï
drammaturgy Serge Nicolaï, Clément Camar-Mercier and Sandrine Raynal Paillet
set design Serge Nicolaï
light creation Marco Giusti, Elsa Revol
sound creation Emanuele Pontecorvo
technical direction Giuliana Rienzi
administration Eric Favre
distribution Valentina Bertolino

production Cie The Wild Donkeys, FZ Produçoes
with the collaboration of Porto Alegre em Cena Festival, Brasile
and Les Subsistances – Lyon France, La Corte Ospitale – Italia, Il Funaro Centro Culturale – Italia, L’Aria Corsica. In the frame of the project  “Bergman100 – Ingmar Bergman Foundation”

lenght 1 hour and 30 minutes
national première
in French with Italian subtitles

The Wild Donkeys was founded by Serge Nicolaï and Olivia Corsini, actors for many years of the Théâtre du Soleil directed by Ariane Mnouchkine. The French troupe pay tribute to Ingmar Bergman with their performance A Bergman Affair, inspired by “Private Confessions”.
Anna, a Bergmanian heroine par excellence, is prisoner in her life: three children and a husband who no longer loves. Forty years old, she talks with her pastor, with her husband, with her lover. Despite the psychological violence of which she is a victim, besieged by social, family and religious pressure, Anna struggles to be close to her truth, her desire and her body.
On stage, the novel is revealed in a plural work, both for the personalities of the performers and for the use of a fluid combination of different artistic expressions: on the ispiration of the Bunraku’s principles – Japanese puppet theatre -, sometimes the bodies of the five actors are direct by a “manipulator”, to physically translate the conflicts of the characters, as if the unconscious was called for help. A soul, a double, a conscience, a guide. The character is two.

In Bergman works, intimacy is violated and vented with sincerity, through its complexities and contradictions: conscious and unconscious, body and soul, human and divine, love and desire.
The dynamics of the actor, protagonist or manipulated by another body, integrates an essential conflict for Bergman as for the whole theatre and for the individual in his social dynamics: what does it mean to be guided by others rather than themselves?

The theatre plays by Ingmar Bergman are represent in France by DRAMA agency – Suzanne SARQUIER in accordance with the Fondation Bergman and with Josef Weinberger Limited – London.