by and with Febo Del Zozzo
dramaturgy Bruna Gambarelli
setting and staging Febo Del Zozzo
production assistant Noemi Piccorossi
by Federica Rocchi

Running time 1 h

Laminarie’s documentary Via Terra (25’) will be showed before the performance

Special project on Laminarie’s path towards Constantin Brancusi. By Laminarie and DOM la cupola del Pilastro.

Omaggio arbitrario a Brancusi (1987), Gilberto Zorio’s work dedicated to the Romanian sculptor, is part of MAMbo permanent collection. All the people who present the ticket of the performance Proiezione verticale, can visit for free the collection in the days 24 Oct. h 12:00 to 18:00, 25 and 26 Oct. h 12:00 to 20:00.

Proiezione Verticale is a theatre inquiry around one of the most famous works of Brâncusi, The Endless Column, realized in several versions, whose most important one is in Targu Jiu Monumental Park in Romania. The column is 30-meter high and it has a modular iron structure that echoes the ancient wood pillars sustaining the traditional Romanian houses. The performance evokes Brâncuși’s atelier, where the lonely artist works calmly and firmly with matters. The artist’s practice is recalled through a silent framework of physical actions and images. In the beginning, the artist’s atelier is covered with a veil and the actor’s actions are almost imperceptible. The stage is a closed parallelepiped, where the actor works without any self-debate. Later, the actor unveils the venue and reveals a well- structured operating area, with its white perimeters and empty surfaces. The performance slowly unveils Brâncuși’s atelier and finally forces the artist out of its space, in order to muse over its own piece of art.

Laminarie’s journey Proiezione Verticale debuted at DOM, Bologna on februrary 2013. Then, during summer 2013, Laminarie theatre group toured all over Europe on the tracks of great Romanian artist. Laminarie’s project dedicated to Constantin Brancusi was not just a plain theatre tour, but a real journey the company undertook in a van, for more than 6.000 km, going through six cities and its theatres, museums, cultural centers, performing on four different stages and presenting two public conferences. Laminarie’s troupe followed the legendary trip that the Romanian artists made by foot at the beginning of the XXth century to reach Paris from his home country, Romania. The main goal of their slow-travelling choice was to cross Europe from east to west in order to deeper investigate the life and work of Brancusi and realize a theatrical research about this extraordinary figure.  Through this project, Laminarie is going to face the long haul of such an “exemplar figure” as Brancusi, whose profile will enrich the gallery of Laminarie’s theatre productions dedicated to extraordinary artists such as Jackson Pollock, Elias Canetti, Varlam Salamov, Simone Weil, Bobby Fischer. Laminarie’s adventure stands for a slower rhythm and a richer awareness of time: this project wants to state that artistic work can be nourished by physical experiences such as covering a geographical distance or facing unexpected difficulties.

Overland The documentary video Overland (about 30′ minutes) tells the story of Laminaries’ journey through Europe made of several encounters, venues, meeting, kilometers and landscapes.