Tell your VIE

VIE is an international theatre, dance and performing art festival which invites artists from all over the world to Modena and the Italian region Emilia Romagna. Organized by Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione and Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Modena, the Festival, now at its 10th edition, hosts some of the world’s leading contemporary theatre, dance and musical performers, as well as emerging young groups who present their latest and most interesting productions (see above for previous editions). The Festival artistic value and the vibrant atmosphere it creates attract a large audience every year. To celebrate its 10th anniversary VIE Festival asks its public and performers, but also those who have never taken part or even never heard of it, to send their memory or their view of the VIE Festival in the form of a picture, painting, text, video or any other type of communication. All entries will be collected in an album on the Festival’s website and Pinterest account; some of them will be shared on social networks or may be used by the press for promotion purposes; others will be published in the VIE’s booklet. All material must be authentic and all contributors must comply with what indicated in the paragraph below entitled “Technical details and notes”. There will be prizes (Festival passes and books) for the best entries.

So, what about giving us your view of VIE Festival?

Technical details and notes
All contributions must deal exclusively with the VIE Festival. Pictures, images and graphic works must be sent in JPG format, possibly using 300dpi resolution.
Videos must be sent in one of the following formats: .MOV .MPEG4 .AVI .WMV .MPEGPS .FLV 3GPP WebM. All written documents must be submitted in one of these formats: .doc, .docx, or .odt Please send your entry to:
Don’t forget to write in the e-mail: your or the sender’s first name and surname; any nickname you might wish to use for publication; your e-mail and phone number.
Any personal data will be used exclusively for communication purposes, related to this initiative. All entries must be the originals. In addition, any owner/sender agrees not to hold Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione or any third party liable with regard to any claim. Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione also declines all liability with regard to the authenticity and ownership of any work received. All entries will be uploaded on the Vie Festival’s website and licensed under Creative Commons Attribution – Non-commercial 3.0 Italy.