direction, concept, choreography Piergiorgio Milano
performed by Piergiorgio Milano, Nicola Cisternino
artistic advisers Elsa Dourdet, Florent Hamon
light design Simone Fini
music Florent Hamon, Piergiorgio Milano
stage director Luca Carbone
production Giovanna Milano
diffusion Estelle Saintagne, Bureau Acolytes
many thanks to Guido Balbo e WUD design Luca Prandini, Elena Burani, Lucia Ferina, Claudio Stellato, Nicanor Tati D’elia, Florencia Demestri, Samuel Lefauvre, Julien Vitecoq, Boris Gibe, Sabina Scarlat, Michele Meneghini, Tiziano Ghidorsi

production Fondazione musica per Roma
co-production Festival Torino Danza (Torino), Les Halles De Schaerbeek (Bruxelles)
with the contribution of the Fédération Wallonie – Bruxelles
administration Teatro della Caduta (Torino)
with the support of Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione (Modena), Le Prato Pôle National des arts du Cirque Lille (France), Progetto CorpieVisioni Teatro Asioli di Correggio (Reggio Emilia), Espace Périphérique Parc du la Villette (Paris), Fondation Piemonte dal vivo (Torino), Flic circus school of Turin, Kilowatt Festival San Sepolcro (Arezzo), Anghiari dance Hub Anghiari (Arezzo), Centre international de création des arts du Cirque Espace Catastrophe (Bruxelles), Le Garage 29 (Bruxelles)

Duration 1h

Pesadilla… means nightmare in Spanish
Does a nightmare start with eyes open or closed?
Can we read another person’s dream?
Does a nightmare end with the eyes closed or open?
Does somebody that can’t sleep stay wake?
What does prevent us from sleeping?
What does prevent us from staying awake?
We all have already daydreamed once, are we sure we never lived with the eyes closed?

Pesadilla tells about the fragility of a man shifted between a daydream reality and eyes closed life.
How do we deal with our self to define dreams and reality? Pesadilla wish to explore this time-lapse journey, this imaginary time of sleeping where the weirdness and the burlesque meet each other, flirting with the more secret and hidden side of our self, going towards a border where a grotesque humor and a sweet melancholia share the same place.

Pesadilla is developed around the daily stress of “being our self”, that sometimes is next to us and sometimes is above and all around: fear, insomnia, anxiety, indecision…this stress troubles our sleep, it deforms it as it does with our personality, creating many “us” in our self… a very consistent part of our self is designated to sleep: is it the reality or the dreams that has the bigger impact on us?

Piergiorgio Milano. Biography

Piergiorgio Milano

Piergiorgio Milano is a choreographer, dancer and acrobat. He has been a performer in the world tour of Tabac Rouge directed by James Thiérré. He also worked for many internationals artists like: Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, David Zambrano, Rodrigo Pardo, Raffaella Giordano.
As choreographer with his solo Denti he won the prizes: Mas Danza (ES), Baltic Movement (PL), Dance Factory (IT). With the show Ai Migranti he won The prize Equilibrio 2010.