from Aminta by Torquato Tasso
direction, set design, video and lights
Luca Brinchi and Daniele Spanò
dramaturgy Erika Z. Galli and Martina Ruggeri (Industria Indipendente)
artistic advisor Alessandro Taverna
in video Lorenzo Anzuini (Aminta), Clelia Scarpellini (Silvia)
performer Davide Pioggia (Satiro)
voices Michele Degirolamo (Aminta), Flaminia Cuzzoli (Silvia), Bonomo (Tirsi and choir), Giorgia Visani (Dafne and choir), Michael Schermi (Satiro and choir)
musics Aminta Franz Rosati
in video performers costumes, dresses and props Gucci
organization Chiara Caimmi

production Spellbound, Sagra musicale Malatestiana, Teatro di Roma
in collaboration with Shorttheatre, Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione in the field of VIE Festival
thanks to Emilia Verginelli (Fivizzano 27), Kollatino Underground

Duration 30′

The project of the video-artists Luca Brinchi and Daniele Spanò is articulated by the encounter of several artistic realities that try different languages. The interest for Tasso’s pastoral drama is born with the aim to tell the conflict between civil institutions and the Nature’s laws through an installation. As a sort of prophecy, the work wants to underline the fall of the human certainties and the desire to indulge once again at the greatness of Nature and its implacable forces.

Luca Brinchi and Daniele Spanò. Biographies.

Luca Brinchi

Luca Brinchi is a theatre director, multimedia theatre scenographer and digital set designer for fashion and music shows. In 2001 he created the artistic collective Santasangre together with other four artists with whom he collaborated until 2012. In 2013 he started working in his individual artistic projects and developing new artistic collaborations; many of the latest works have been created together with the choreographer and performer Roberta Zanardo and the visual artist Daniele Spanò.
In Rome he has artistic residency at Kollatino Underground, an independent cultural center in the outskirts of Rome. His work investigates that blank space existing beyond the defined language, passing through new forms and contents. He started a process of expressive contamination on a transversal axis touching the most significant styles of performing arts such as video, music, body art and environmental aesthetic design. Luca’s need of expression takes the work further, beyond every particularity and every complementary experience, to be realized in a bold fusion of expanded languages and addiction of signs.
In Europe his works were hosted by Tsekh Festival of Moscow (RUS), Grec Festival of Barcelona (E), Noorderzon Festival of Groningen (NL), Divadelna Nitra Fest (SK), Eurokaz of Zagreb (HR), Kontrapunkt of Stettin (PL), Exodos of Ljubijana, Temp d’images of Warsaw (PL) and Cluj (RO), Sophiensale of Berlin (D), Ferme du buisson of Paris (FR) and by the Biennial Expo of Young Artist from Europe and Mediterranean in Naples (IT). In Italy he attended the Romaeuropa Festival, Fabbrica Europa, Drodesera/Centrale Fies, Festival delle Colline Torinesi, Bassano OperaEstate, Santarcangelo Festival, MIT of Rome, Inteatro/Polverigi and the Innovation Theatre seasons in Rome, Milan, Venice, Genova, Bari and Napoles.

Daniele Spanò

Daniele Spanò (Rome, 1979) is a scenographer and a visual artist. His research moves between several practices, such as video installation, digital scenography for theater, fashion and music events.
Among the most important projects, we mention the participation to the 58th edition of Spoleto Festival with the installation Pneuma, and the multimedia installation for the fashion show of women’s collection autumn/winter 2016 by Gucci.
Since 2014 he realizes, together with Luca Brinchi, set designs for several theatrical productions, such as Ritratto di una Capitale for Theatre of Rome and directed by Fabrizio Arcuri, Hamlet by Andrea Baracco or Lear by Lisa Natoli.
Among the most important recent works there are Atto Primo, in Piazza del Popolo in Rome in 2014, Rifrazioni permanenti in 2011 in Piazza Colonna also in Rome, sponsored by Presidenza del Consiglio, Ministero del Turismo and MiBAC.
In February 2011 he was selected by the director and artist Takeshi Kitano to represent the artistic excitement of the city of Rome. Since 2009 he works as a stage designer with Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio, and in 2014 he was assistant director for Carmen for the opening of the Summer Season of Teatro dell’Opera di Roma. As a visual artist he exhibits in museums such as Galleria nazionale dell’Umbria, Centrale Montemartini of Rome, or MAP of Pontinia, as well as for private and non-profit organizations. From 2012 to 2015 he was artistic consultant for the Romaeuropa Foundation.