concept Emmanuelle Huynh
texts Herberto Helder (La Cuiller dans la bouche, Du monde)
transmission of choreography Nuno Bizarro and Catherine Legrand
interpreters (the students of the IX course) Alexandre Alberts, Martin Bouligand, Thibaud Boursier, Adèle Csech, Léna Dangreaux, Nikita Faulon, Nathan Jousni, Cléa Laizé, Arnold Mensah, Diane Pasquet, Cyrielle Rayet, Ronan Rouanet, Romain Scheiner and Léa Schweitzer
lights Sylvain Brossard
sound Marine Iger
voice the students of IX course at ESAD TNB
text accompaniment Arnaud Stephan

École du Théâtre National de Bretagne
in the frame of the project At the Prospero’s School. Actors in the global net

Duration 1h 15′
National première


During a 4-week workshop in January 2016, Emmanuelle Huynh together with Nuno Bizarro and Catherine Legrand, the two original interpreters, have transferred to the students of Théâtre National de Bretagne School the play called A Vida Enorme / episode 1.

The play has a text and a dance section: the text is played live by the 14 students. Cinema and sound effects are also played live. The dance part consists of a canon performed by seven couples.
The original version of this play was created in 2003 in Bonlieu, Scène nationale d’Annecy.

«This duo was conceived like a movie where the soundtrack and the images are separated. A man and a woman get together in a room before taking a walk in town at night. They discuss their relation starting from the poems of Portuguese Herberto Helder. The man and the woman then walk through the stage along two independent tracks which, sometimes, get connected. I wanted to operate the deliberately separated levels of sound and image, the overlapped levels of Helder’s physical and spiritual poetry and Bowie’s rock utopia as well as the juxtaposed layers of language and body.»
Emmanuelle Huynh

Free entrance until all seats