from Jean Paul Sartre
a show by Andrea Adriatico
dramaturgy Andrea Adriatico and Stefano Casi
with Gianluca Enria, Teresa Ludovico, Francesca Mazza
and with Leonardo Bianconi
with the kind partecipation of Angela Malfitano and Leonardo Ventura
in charge of Daniela Cotti, Alberto Sarti, Saverio Peschechera and Giulia Generali, Laura Grazioli
technique Salvatore Pulpito
with the technical support of I fiori di Marisa, Lady Rose

production Teatri di Vita, Akròama T.L.S.
in collaboration with Teatri di Bari
with the support of Comune di Bologna – Settore Cultura, Regione Emilia-Romagna – Servizio Cultura, Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali e del Turismo

to Giulio 

Duration 1h 10′
World première

The Atlas project abandons the urban landscapes of streets and places, and penetrates into the snug landscape of an interior. From the idea of urbanity to the idea of residence. Different sides of the same question: to live. Where are our closed doors? On which roads? In the West, or in Syria, in Korea or in Brazil, the only certainty is that behind those doors there is a world. From whatever perspective you look at it. Here Sartre saw by a little man of 2000.