ideation Gabriella Salvaterra
in collaboration with Miguel Jofrè Sarmiento
lights Sergio Taddei
sound landscape Francisco Javier Garcia
olfactory landscape Giovanna Pezzullo
costumes Francesca Rossi
with Arianna Marano, Gabriella Salvaterra
technical assistance Natalino Mazzola, Edmondo Bonomi
organization Claudio Ponzana
thanks to Stefania Bonvicini, Carlos Calvo, Gregorio Fiorentini, Nelson Jara Torres, Javier Marticorena
Special thanks to Enrique Vargas and to Teatro de los Sentidos, they encouraged me to search what can’t be found. 

Running time 45 minutes
Reservation required
World premiere

Gabriella Salvaterra, Emilian artist who currently lives and works in Barcelona and Latin America, has an extensive trajectory in dance, design of spaces and ‘sensory theater’. At VIE 2015 she presents a sensory inhabited installation, a mature and passionate distillate of a long creative research that Salvaterra has developed together with her company Teatro de los Sentidos directed by Enrique Vargas.

dopo – gabriella salvaterra from Claudio Ponzana on Vimeo.

With her company, the artist has developed a particular mode of action on the space, so that objects lose their contours and confuse with ourselves.
dopo dilutes and blurs the boundaries between theater and installation to create a place of imagination to be walked in small groups, a place that comes to life from the intimate and personal experience of its visitors.
dopo is a journey toward material, symbolic and emotional breakages of our lives and at the same time it’s a voice that whispers to us our ability to repair.