Snejanka Mihaylova
with Silvia Pasello
music composition Lisa Holmqvist
and with the participation of Coro Arcanto di Bologna

in the field of the biennial project Madri Spirituali
produced by
Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione, in the framework of Cantiere Moline
the work is assisted and supported by the critic Piersandra Di Matteo

Running time 2 hours
Reservation required
World premiere

Thanks to AngelicA, Giovanna and Gloria Giovannini for the precious collaboration

For years, Snejanka Mihaylova is being carrying out a research about the relation bonding theatre and thought, thus standing on the borderline between different disciplines such as theatre, philosophy and publishing. With “Spiritual Mothers”, a two year-research project (2015-2016) produced by ERT, the Bulgarian artist keeps on investigating on ‘acoustic thought’, on the relation between thought and voice and focusing on on the act of meeting as the crucial step of the cognitive experience, as a powerful act transforming thought. Conversazione featuring Silvia Pasello is the first of a series of ‘dialogues’ investigating the concept of ‘spiritual maternity’, by comparing different female voices, from theatre to psycoanalysis and religion. «Silvia Pasello – says Snejanka Mihaylova – is an actress who witnessed many crucial moments of Italian theatre’s history. Her practice has always tried to establish a peculiar relation between theatre and thought. Over the years, it occured to me to discuss with her about stage potential, about theatre essential dimension. This time, I would like to discuss her relation with theatre, in a space with no character nor script, just by practising ‘the relation’ with the self, with the world, with the other, as a life’s intrinsic request ».
Conversazione is accompanied by a ‘prayer’ written together with swedish composer Lisa Holmqvist.


Snejanka Mihaylova, biography

Snejanka Mihaylova

Bulgarian artist and writer, she lives between Sofia and Amsterdam. After the degree in Philosophy of Language at the University of Florence, she attends DasArts – Advanced Studies in the Performing Arts (Amsterdam) and the Jan van Eyck Academie (Maastricht). After a research study about the act of performing and its funding elements resulted in Eupalinos (2001-2006) which earned her the Extra Award (2009), another researching period begins under the name of Theatre of Thought; here, theatre paradigms are analyzed in their most extreme declinations to be collected in an homonymous book (Critique & Humanism, 2011). In 2013, in the framework of the exhibition Beyond Imagination, Practical Training in Thinking (The Last Books Edition), where she reports some dialogues (with philosopher Mladen Dolar, among others), is produced, published and included in the permanent collection of Amsterdam’s Stedelijk Museum. Between 2013-2014, If I Can’t Dance produces her new work entitled A Song, performing at Festival Performance Days 2014. In 2015, together with the Acoustic Thought (book and song) investigating the relation between thought and voice, the new project called Inner stage SPIRITUAL MOTHERS gets under way.