An artists’ tribute to Marco De Marinis

Book presentation with Fabio Acca and Silvia Mei.
Editoria & Spettacolo, Spoleto 2014.

Arena del Sole, Bologna
25th October 2015, 11h30 a.m.
free entrance

Curators Fabio Acca and Silvia Mei, supported by Ermanna Montanari and Marco Martinelli (Teatro delle Albe), Gianni Farina (Menoventi), Claudio Angelini (Città di Ebla), critic Lorenzo Donati (Altre Velocità) and by Piergiorgio Giacchè as moderator, will guide us throughout this tribute-journey in homage to Professor Marco De Marinis who will join them. More than thirty artists gave their contribution to this special Festschrift with unreleased texts, images and sketches that two students have collected following their professor’s favorite subjects. A unique analysis on the meaning, recto and verso, of theatre history and much more.