concept and coreography Francesca Pennini
dramaturgy and technicals Angelo Pedroni

Running time 20/30’

World première

Reservation required


CollettivO CineticO presents its latest work Miniballetto n.1, a performance that,  as most works of the company, breaks the rules and the mechanisms not only of the dance but also of the performance in general. CollettivO CineticO was founded in 2007 by Francesca Pennini, choreographer and dancer who has already won many awards, including the Premio Giovani Danz’Autori Emilia-Romagna in 2008, and freelance dancer in the production of Sasha Waltz & Guests. CollettivO CineticO has its home at the Teatro Comunale “Claudio Abbado” in Ferrara and in 2013 was recognized and supported by the MiBAC – the Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities, Live Entertainment Department. The company’s experience started as experimentation between theatre and visual art and is characterized by a method  that allow to create complex and articulated dances with different bodies.

Drone: English verb “to drone” = buzz
Drone: English term to indicate the drone or a continuous note (drone)
Drone: English term to indicate the drone, a male bee
Drone: unmanned aircraft

Miniballetto n.1 is both an ornithological and entomological organization, a swarm of dynamic amplifier that disturbs the air and turns the soil. In the balance between geometry and swirl, dance falls into a stream where the element plane is the paradigm of a reflection on the boundaries of the control. A respiratory exchange that combines the volumes between body and space, between the scene and the public in a moving, suspended and determined, floating and deposited geography.

CollettivO CineticO