concept and direction Danio Manfredini
with Danio Manfredini, Vincenzo Del Prete, Ivano Bruner, Giuseppe Semeraro, Cristian Conti, Darioush Forooghi
director assistant Vincenzo del Prete
set design and masks Danio Manfredini
props realization Rinaldo Rinaldi, Andrea Muriani, Francesca Paltrinieri
light design Luigi Biondi
sound technician Francesco Traverso
soundtrack mixing Marco Maccari – Peak Studio Reggio Emilia

production La Corte Ospitale
co-production Associazione Gli Scarti, Armunia centro di residenze artistiche Castiglioncello – Festival Inequilibrio
Thanks to Cristina Pavarotti, Massimo Neri, Paola Ricci, Giacomo Giannangeli

Running time 1h 10′

Recommended to an adult audience.

with the grant of Fondazione Del Monte    

Luciano is a crossing of a contemporary Dante’s Inferno.
Luciano has been a patient in a psychiatric hospital for all his life.
Around him, objects and imaginary ghosts appear. Boundaries between reality, fantasy, dreams and memories are blurred. He is a wanderer along psychiatric corridors that lead him to sublime spaces, divine or infernal world. The call of the desire can help him break through.
Like a visitor from another world, he observe, suffer and listen to what he crosses, he watch people and things go by as appearances and disappearances along his journey. These are puppets who not suit into the big stage of the Universe, a moltitude of suffering faces sometimes close to be grotesque.
Since a long time the self is an overcome illusion to Luciano.

“In Luciano I reflect on homosexuality, madness, loneliness, as I did in Cinema Cielo, Sacro Segno dei Mostri and Tre Studi per una Crocifissione, to analyse how these important themes changed in the last fifteen years. Today the game is harder. In Cinema Cielo, Samira was more integrated in the society and idealized her world. Now, Luciano is a social outcast. His hallucination brings to the scene real life which is cruel and lonely.”
Danio Manfredini

Danio Manfredini, biography

Danio Manfredini

Author, performer and director of masterpieces: Miracolo della rosa (1989 Premio Ubu), Tre studi per una crocifissione (1992), Al Presente (1998, Premio Ubu miglior attore), Cinema Cielo (2004 Premio Ubu miglior regia) and Il sacro segno dei mostri (2007). Il Principe Amleto (2010) was an Italian-French production (La Corte Ospitale, Danio Manfredini, Expace Malraux- Chambery, Aix en Provence). In 2013 he received Premio Lo Straniero and Premio Ubu speciale. From 2013 to 2016 he was director of the Dramatic Art Academy of Bellini Theater in Naples. In 2014 he debuted a Santarcangelo Festival with Vocazione. Since 2010 he worked with La Corte Ospitale.