New geographies for a cross-cultural Europe

Public presentation:
15th October, 7:00 pm

MET, Bologna,
Free entrance


In a moment of public sharing and informal approach to future working lines, in the presence of International partners, Atlas of Transitions, new geographies for a cross-cultural Europe (2017-2020), the winning project of 2017 “Creative Europe” programme is officially launched.

Atlas of transitions questions the potentiality of art, theatre and of the relation between performing arts practices with a view to examining the controversial aspects of the actual migratory phenomenon – the extraordinary relocation of populations triggered by wars, territorial disputes, religious conflicts, poverty and climate change.

Combining performing arts practices and theoretical research, the project intends to experience ethnically mixed creative thinking and workshop allowing to question in a critical way the interaction opportunities it can generate.

National theatres, contemporary art centres, production bodies, non-governmental organisations and universities of 7 European countries among which Italy, Albania, Belgium, Poland, France, Greece and Sweden will altogether activate an intercultural dialogue, participation strategies, reciprocity and interaction practices between European citizens and newcomers.

In Bologna, Atlas of transitions is designed and supported by ERT – Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione (Project leader), in partnership with Cantieri Meticci, a theatre company directed by Pietro Floridia and engaged since many years in the promotion of ethnically mixed artistic exchange between Italian citizens and migrants, the Department of Sociology and Economic Law of the University of Bologna and curator Piersandra di Matteo.