one-act comedy
written by
Ding Xilin

Central Academy of Drama Beijing
in the frame of the project At the Prospero’s School. Actors in the global net

Duration 50′

The story took place in Beijing during the May 4th Movement Period (1917-1927).
Influenced by the left thought of feudalism, Madam Gee took it for granted to decide a wife for her son Mr. Gee, and made a match for her nephew in-law, a doctor, and Miss Yu, a nurse. But what she didn’t know is that Mr. Gee and Miss Yu had already fallen in love with each other secretly without announcing publicly their romance. One day when Miss Yu came to Madam Gee’s home for a visit, upon leaving, the two witted young people had to lie to Madam Gee, and expressed their love to each other in a humorous and implicit way.

Director’s note
When free love suffered from family opposing, the western lovers Romeo and Juliet chose death as their last fight; however, what is about to happen if it happens to an oriental couple? The answer can be found in A Hornet, the one-act comedy written by Chinese modern playwright Ding Xilin. This play shows how a couple of the May 4th Movement Period, trapped in the awkwardness of entrenched traditional ethics of “Filial Piety Tops All Good Deeds” and their passionate pursuit of sacred love,skillfully found a balance,dissolved the contradiction in the oppressive environment and eventually had it both. What they have done shows the wisdom of the Chinese people in the state of having no alternative. To bring the drama closer to the modern audience, the performance chooses a “leap in and out” method, and actors would  speak out the monologue and subtext when it is necessary.

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