conceived by Nora Dolmans and Ferdinand Despy
with Marie-Camille Blanchy, Nora Dolmans, Ferdinand Despy, Baptiste Montagnier

École Supérieure d’Acteurs de Liège
with the support from the BIJ (Bureau International Jeunesse de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles)

in the frame of the project At the Prospero’s School. Actors in the global net

Duration 30′
With English subtitles


Five members of a clan are getting together, as they are used to do, to celebrate something but, this time, they can’t remember what it is. They come across a hat, a symbol, but they are not really sure of that or they just refuse to figure out what it stands for. They decide for the blank slate with what they think to know and try to remember.
What is the human being? What is the mystery behind human kind at present? How was it possible to get so disconnected from nature? In order to understand and discuss this, we investigate the process of hominization, the origin of language, contradictions and connections relating culture and nature.

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