Nanfang Song and Dance Company

Running time 2 hours
National Première


regione ER

During the final week of the Guangdong at Expo, the Department of Culture of Guangdong Province sends in Emilia-Romagna a delegation of fifty dancers, to celebrate the partnership between Guangdong and the Emilia-Romagna signed in May 2015 by the President Stefano Bonaccini.
Nanfang Song and Dance Company (Guangdong National Song and Dance Troupe), founded on July 1st 1953, is a professional art troupe directly under the Department of Culture of Guangdong Province. The company has been awarded the National Outstanding Cultural Organization by the Ministry of Culture of China, and Flower of Guangdong by Guangdong Provincial Government in the 20th century. As a cultural messenger of Chinese Nation, Nanfang Song and Dance Company has visited and performed in Vietnam, Singapore, France, Spain, Italy, UK, Austria, South Africa, Mauritius, Japan, Turkey, Cambodia, Fiji, etc., and was loved and welcomed by friends from all those countries. The traditional Chinese art is transferred in the vitality and in the characteristic folklore of the plays of the company. Here a performance of collective dances, a rare opportunity to immerse yourself in a traditional setting of local life of Guangdong, rich of Oriental flavors and aromas.