by and with Roberta Bosetti and Renato Cuocolo
organization Claudio Ponzana

production Cuocolo/Bosetti IRAA Theatre, Australia Council, Melbourne International Festival of the Arts, Arts Victoria

In the field of “Il nostro teatro quotidiano. Per Cuocolo/Bosetti IRAA Theatre” by Silvia Mei, in collaboration with Centro La Soffitta – Dipartimento delle Arti dell’Università di Bologna

Running time 50′ for each spectator
Mandatory reservation
in English on demand

And a ‘more authentic than most and’ near what he wanted to be.
August 2004, Perth, Renato C. asks a private investigator to follow and film his wife Roberta B. From that material, illicit and intimate born, a year later, Private Eye, presented in the rooms of a hotel to a viewer at a time.
A journey with uncertain boundaries between the feelings we experience and those who represent us, between what we think we are and what we are forced to be. Illusion, representation, fiction overlap and eventually become one with what is.
Private Eye wants to create a world where nothing and ‘what it sounds like, a sort of terrible loss and fascinating, like being suddenly in the darkness of an unknown place. A challenge to themselves and to the viewer. Spectator in the singular because the vision of interlocking work will open one by one in the relationship, its central moment.

The work ‘presented in two rooms of a hotel. In the first room Renato presents the viewer movies and photos produced by the true investigator. Then the viewer is invited into the second room where he is greeted by Roberta. Here there is the central part of the show. Alternatively Roberta personifies itself and its double. Each section and ‘untimely interrupted by the arrival of the next viewer.
«We have chosen for this project – say Renato Cuocolo and Roberta Bosetti – because the place Hotel Private Eye is born while we were staying in a hotel in Perth, and then, even more so, because the hotel and ‘a place of passage, and’ a place where you stop so precarious during a trip to ‘the idea of ​​the precariousness of existence, of the move, as well as the theme and the center of Private Eye and’ based on the mobility of identity ‘».

Cuocolo Bosetti, biography

Cuocolo Bosetti

Cuocolo / Bosetti IRAA Theatre as he wrote to the Sydney Morning Herald «are the cutting edge of contemporary Australian performance».
Their work has received many accolades from critics and the public in the International Festival from 26 nations.
Winners of numerous awards including UNESCO Awards, Green Room Award, MO Award and the prize Cavour their performances are presented in the houses or hotels where they live thus exposing intimate space and home to the viewer-visitor in search of an impossible, illegal geography of intimacy.
In their performances the theater and life, reality and fiction, actor and character overlap.
Founded in Rome in 1978 by Renato Cuocolo The IRAA Theatre has created a series of seven trilogies that have been presented in twenty-six countries on four continenti.Nel 1988, the company and ‘moved to Melbourne where and’ eventually became the leading Australian company innovation (Flag Company). Since 2012 he opened an office in Vercelli in Italy where, with the assistance of the Australia Council and some of the main Italian theater festival, has presented a series of new works and repertory.
The last work of the company were presented with success and critical interest in numerous festivals among which: Vienna Festival, Adelaide International Festival (2 editions), Melbourne International Arts Festival (4 issues), Sydney Olympic Art Festival (2 editions), Olinda Milan (2 editions), Contemporary Teatro Metastasio in Prato (6 issues), Festival of the Hills Torino Contemporary Creation (7 editions), A Theatre in the Houses Arlette (5 editions), Theatre of the Cough Genoa European Capital of Culture, the Teatro Eliseo in Rome, Es .Terni, International Festival of Andria, San Diego Contemporary Theatre, Lincoln Center New York, Cite ‘Paris, Calais Le Channel Scène Nationale, Goteborgs Dans & Teater Festival (2 editions), Waseda International Centre Tokyo.
Based on the elaboration of elements taken from their lives, Cuocolo / Bosetti build a series of shows in which reality and fiction overlap. Their work challenges the traditional separation between actor and character. It ‘an invitation to reconsider the boundaries between performance and reality, between art and life, fiction and autobiography.
Their work normally for a few spectators at a time, taking place in non-theatrical spaces: private houses and hotels where Cuocolo / Bosetti really live. The hotels and the houses are not sets but traps reality.