by Ivan Vyrypaev
translation and direction Teodoro Bonci del Bene
with Carolina Cangini, Kristina Likhacheva, Jacopo Trebbi, Teodoro Bonci del Bene
concept and technical direction Matteo Rubagotti
Big Action Money

Running time 1 hour and 10 minutes
World premiere
Reservation required

Italian-Russian theatre company, Big Action Money was founded by Teodoro Bonci del Bene, Matteo Rubagotti, Carolina Cangini and Kristina Likhacheva. Since 2010, they have been researcing in the field of contemporary theatre and performance: live music and electronic effects are part of the dramaturgy of many of their works.
Illusioni is part of “Cantiere Vyrypaev”, an on-going research project about Russian playwriter Ivan Vyrypaev that Big Action Money is working at since 2013. Written in 2012 and first staged at Praktika Theatre in Moscow, the text focuses on time and space in which our lives fluctuate. Four stories are staged concerning two married couples who shared a life together and, at the point of death, realize they haven’t been knowing each other during their entire life. An unpredictable alternation of voices and bodies where actors speak in the third person, they echange roles to talk to the audience directly. It seems like every actor could be all the four characters in a unique flow.
A show to be listened and imagined, a chinese boxes match in which the audience is actively involved in an exchanges of roles, in bouncing and overturned perspectives.