The scandal of the theatre (XVI – XXI cent.)

Symposium organized by
Università degli studi di Bologna, Université Paris-Sorbonne
Curators: Bruna Filippi, Claudio Longhi, Project “Haine du théâtre” du Labex Obvil Université Paris- Sorbonne (François Lecercle and Clotilde Thouret)

October 22nd – 24th
Free entrance

October 22nd -23rd, Bologna – Auditorium dei Laboratori delle Arti
Lecturers: Silvia Bottiroli, Yan Brailowsky, Matteo Casari, Jean – Pierre Cavaillé, Elena Cervellati, Bruna Filippi, Gerardo Guccini, François Lecercle, Tihana Maravic, Florence March, Enrico Pitozzi, Marthe Segrestin, Elena Tamburini, Clotilde Thouret.

October 24th, Modena – Sala Consiliare del commune
The scandal of the theatre today: atists’ remarks
Round table with Belarus Free Theatre and other artists
Moderator Roberta Ferraresi

The scandal of the theatre and of the shows is a phenomenon that has and old history. From the original scandal caused by the Capture of Miletus by Phrynichus (492 – 490 A.D.), to the violent controversies by the Church Fathers, the tempting alterity of the scene has been criticized and condemned since ancient times. The strong controversies and violent reactions, gathered in England at the beginning of the modern age, spread in all the European countries and they forced authorities to take harsh measures e.g. the closure of theatres in London and Geneva.
In general the scandal of the theatre never stopped. Even today, with different ways and reasons, various facts and acts push us to think about how the art of scene provokes violent reactions and thoughtless reprimand.
The study conference wants to investigate – in an historical perspective- the theatre primary potentiality of provoking debates and standpoints, until becoming historical moments of scandal.
It will deal with thinking about circumstances, which generated the scandal, and about historical contexts that have fomented and spread it, trying to understand why theatre is its privileged cultivating territory.


The conclusion day (Saturday 24th in Modena) will unfold as a round table which purpose is thinking about the theme of the scandal of the theatre nowadays. Special guests will be Natalia Koliada, Nikolai Khalezin and Vladimir Shcherban, founders of the Belarus Free Theatre, the company of Minsk guest at VIE many times, lived for years in hiding and now exiled because of the political and social purposes of their theatre. Beside them, many others artists guests at VIE will take part in the debate to investigate the reasons why “creating scandal” is an historical constant of theatre.