by Carullo – Minasi
direction, texts and interpretation Giuseppe Carullo and Cristiana Minasi
setting and costumes Cinzia Muscolino
light designer Roberto Bonaventura
direction assistant Roberto Bitto

Carullo – Minasi e Il Castello di Sancio Panza

Running time 50’

Reservation required

Awarded with the prizes ‘Scenario for Ustica 2011’, ‘Premio In-Box 2012’ and ‘Premio Internazionale Tresa Pomodoro 2013’, Giuseppe Carullo and Cristiana Minasi put on stage Due passi sono, a delicate, ironic and gloomily-like-Beckett pièce. Trained at Teatro Teatès, directed by  Michele Perriera, and then at Vittorio Emanuele School of Theater, directed by Donato Castellaneta, an actor of Leonardo De Bernardini’s company, Giuseppe Carullo began to work, in 2009, with Cristiana Minasi – student of ‘L’isola della pedagogia’, an international school of High Scene Pedagogy directed by Anatolij Vasiliev (project awarded with the Special Prize UBU 2012). Due passi sono, first chapter of a trilogy that explores the concept of love through Simposio by Plato, draws a dialogue in which experiences, moods and desires are re-elaborated in an absolutely universal dimension. The two main characters on stage, locked in a corner with a black-and-white checked carpet under their feet that says “Hello”, tell their true story of a disease he suffered from and she has assiduously cared for. A dense network of pathological behaviors, psychosomatic and highly obsessive mutual attention. This fragile health is not but the health of all of us, we concern about only casually: Giuseppe and Cristiana, instead, mind about it to the breaking point, to the pure desire of life, of a hug, of a feeling. The desire of love between the two characters is strong; however, a hug between them can be lethal. A performance that surrounds itself with a suspended atmosphere between irony and tenderness, where creativity and human truth mix up together.

Two small human beings, a man and a woman, find themselves on the big stage of life, hidden in the mystery of their own life which reduces them into an increasingly and misshapen space. They seem to be locked in a metal and aseptic box, almost deaf to the beauties that they can potentially carry; but a “leap” – despite the soft legs – will open the custody of their chimes. Outside the box they live the dream of real life there is no more need to escape from, but just live with the grace and charm of someone who has learned to love the hunger, the disease, and therefore the limits of being. A holy, surreal and festive picture, the one of their wedding, where they will exchange wonderful intentions of poetry, as in a carousel of sounds, colors and confetti.

G. Carullo e C. Minasi

Interview to Giuseppe Carullo and Cristiana Minasi by Mario Bianchi for Krapp’s Last Post

Cristiana Minasi and Giuseppe Carullo, biography

Cristiana Minasi

Student at “L’isola della Pedagogia” 2010/2012, international school of High pedagogy of the scene for the training of the new pedagogue, project leaded by Anatolij Vasiliev and winner of the Special Ubu Prize in 2012. She collaborates as a pedagogue with the National Academies of Theatre to run the workshop “L’attore e l’oggetto: prove semiserie d’attore/autore” (the actor and the object: almost serious attempts of actor/author). She works and trains herself with Domenico Cucinotta, Alessio Bergamo, Emma Dante, Norberto Presta, Sabine Uitz, Cristina Castrillo, Raquel Scotti Hirson and Jesser De Souza (Lume Theatre, Brasil); Tino Caspanello, André Casaca, Paco Gonzales (Floez – Germany); Ian Algie, Andrea Kaemmerle; and the Ocloupò from the clandestine clown school of Pierre Byland of Lugano. A degree in Law with merit, she publishes her final dissertation where, experimentally, she links the issues of legal interpretation and those of theatrical improvisation. A master degree in Criminology and Legal Psichology in the specific sector of the children and the family, she prepares the ground for a relationship and integration of the themes of freedom and dignity through the instrument of the theatre with the project “LogORIZZONTI”.

Giuseppe Carullo

In 2000 he attends the School Of Theatre Teatés leaded by Michele Perriera, one of the founder of “Gruppo 63”. He is one of the interpreters of: Ho riconosciuto il pettine by Gianfranco Perriera. Since 2003, he attends the School of Vittorio Emanuele theatre (Messina) directed by Donato Castellaneta, actor of Leo De Berardinis’ company. In 2004 he collaborates with the company “Il Castello di Sancio Panza” directed by Roberto Bonaventura and Monia Alfieri, and participates to many performances like: Le mosche; Colapesce; Metamorphoseon XI, Metamorfosi 74, Microzoi, L’altro Regno. He is in the show L’albero of the company of “Teatro dei Naviganti”. The meetings with Anton Milenin and Emma Dante have been essential. Together with Cristiana Minasi, since 2009 he plays in Euphorìa by Adele Tirante – performance recommended at Teatri del Sacro 2009 Lucca (Eti and Federgat) – and in Fragile written and directed by Tino Caspanello.